Opera Only


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Al di là della tecnologia resta l’emozione


“comes to life“ foresees the Power of its Performance!


Highest Sound Quality for sophisticated music lovers

Opera Only


looking into the space technology

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The Opera Only (V.Clepsydra)

It is the flagship work of the famous Italian designer Andrea Pivetta

During 2017 edition, participants of the Audio Video Show at Warsaw haved personally experienced the artistry and perfection embodied in the most biggest and most powerful amplifier in the world – Opera Only. Andrea Pivetta, the creator of the device, is a true expert in your field. More than 25 years of experience in the audio industry has resulted in the most expansive hi-fi technology for unforgettable sound.

“The Pivetta Opera Only is a true technological tour de force. The breath of the beaker is not only the price of the device, but primarily the applied construction solutions and the scale of the project itself. This Bugatti Chiron audio world. “- said Adam Mokrzycki, the organizer of the Audio Video Show.

The Opera Only is capable of delivering 120,000 Watt of effective power (RMS) in three output configurations: 2 x 60,000 W, 6 x 20 W or 12 x 10 000 watts. from the mode in which it is located. When turned off, it measures 125 cm x 190 cm x 125 cm. On the other hand, sliding panels increase the parameters to 200 x 270 x 200 cm. Opera Only weighs 1.8 tons and is built, among others from aviation aluminum alloys and steel, which ensures an elegant look.

Design is a combination of art and high-end solutions.

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